NO Lidenskapelig fotograf med forkjærlighet for kontraster og svart/hvitt. Spirende kunstner og kommersiell virkelighetsfotograf. Nyter livet, min familie, mine kamera og mitt mørkerom. Takk for ditt besøk. Du er vidunderlig!

EN Passionate Norwegian photographer in love with contrast and black/white. Aspiring artist and commercial reality shooter. Enjoying life, my family, my cameras and my darkroom.Thank you for visiting. You are beautiful!

Eirik Jeistad

Curriculum Vitae

1974 Born
1990 Junior High School | Olympus AD-10 Mini
1993 High School | Nikon RF2
1996 Military | Miranda TM
2000 Master of Business and Economics | HP Photosmart
2002 Sales Manager | HP Photosmart
2005 Web, Photography and Graphic Design | Nikon D200
2006 Graphic Designer | Nikon D200
2008 Marketing Manager | Nikon D300
2010 Marketing Director | Nikon D600
2013 Project Manager | Nikon D600
2016 STOP | Zeiss Ikon Nettar
2017 | Hasselblad EL/M

Copyright Notice

This website and all photographs are © Copyright 2017 Eirik Jeistad. All Rights Reserved. The use of any of the photographs on this website without the written permission of the photographer is strictly prohibited and violations will be pursued to the furthest extent allowed under the law.

You may obtain permission to use images from this website by contacting me. There is a charge for the use of any image for commercial purposes.

6 thoughts on “ Om Eirik ”

  1. Hello Eirik, you found the blog where I write about Photography. If that is what you are looking for you can be sure that photography is the only topic I discuss. Now that I know about you I plan on browsing your site looking at your photography and reading what you have today about the subjects you photograph.
    Nice to be in contact.

    Liked by 1 person

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